Vaden Original Comprehensive Spare Parts Portfolio for Commercial Vehicles

More than 11,000 Products in 14 Different Categories

Vaden Original is a company that stands out in the commercial vehicle spare parts industry, carrying out all processes from design to assembly in-house. With more than 11,000 products in 14 different categories, it offers a wide range of products covering critical parts of commercial vehicles. These products include air brake systems, air brake compressors, air brake disc calipers, transmission parts, engine parts, fuel systems, cooling systems, clutch systems, steering systems, suspension systems, chassis parts, hub parts, exhaust parts and electrical systems.

Exports to more than 100 Countries

Vaden Original's international success shows that the company is in a strong position not only within Turkey, but also as a global player. By exporting to more than 100 countries, Vaden Original has gained a significant foothold in the global market. This extensive export network proves that the company has a deep knowledge and experience in understanding the needs of various markets and customers around the world and providing appropriate solutions to these needs.

Among Turkey's Top 1000 Manufacturers and Exporters

By ranking among Turkey's top 1000 exporters in the last 5 years and maintaining its position among the top 1000 largest industrial enterprises, Vaden Original has consolidated its leadership in the sector and has become a face representing Turkey's innovative and technological advancements in the international arena. This success shows that the company has a flexible and dynamic structure that can understand and meet the needs of not only the local market but also the global market.

Intensive Investment in R&D

Investments in R&D stand out as an indicator of Vaden Original's understanding of innovation and sustainable production. Being among the companies with the highest R&D expenditures in Turkey is proof that the company is on the path of continuous development and innovation. This approach enables the development of innovative products and solutions that effectively meet customer needs, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty while expanding the company's market share.

Customer Focused Approach

With its international experience, Vaden Original has become more than just a spare parts supplier, but a business partner that adds value to its customers. The capacity to understand the specific requirements of different markets and customers sets the company apart from other players in the industry and gives it an advantage in providing appropriate, customized solutions to its customers. This contributes to Vaden Original's continuous growth in the global market and further strengthens its position in the industry, making it an internationally recognized and preferred brand.

Sustainable Production Approach

As a major player in the commercial vehicle spare parts sector, Vaden Original stands out for its customer-oriented approach, innovative and sustainable production approach, commitment to quality and strong presence in the global market. With more than 800 production machines and more than 1,300 employees, the company has extensive production capacity and a broad network of expertise. This makes Vaden Original one of the most reliable and preferred partners in the industry.

Commitment to Quality

Sustainability is a fundamental part of the company's business model. Its internationally recognized quality management systems certifications, IATF 16949 and ISO 9001, demonstrate its unwavering commitment to product and service quality and its approach to continuous improvement. These certifications provide customers with the confidence that every part they purchase is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Strong Presence in the Global Market

Vaden Original aims to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the commercial vehicle spare parts market, placing great importance on R&D activities. The company's R&D center works on the design of new products and the improvement of existing products to respond quickly to the latest trends and needs in the industry. This approach not only provides customers with high quality parts, but also helps them reduce their operational costs by improving the efficiency and performance of commercial vehicles.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are central to Vaden Original's business strategy. The company continuously reviews its production processes and looks for ways to minimize environmental impact. Improving energy efficiency, implementing waste reduction programs and using renewable energy sources are all part of the company's commitment to reducing its environmental impact. It also demonstrates its commitment to society by actively participating in social responsibility projects and aims to provide social benefits in the areas of education, health and environmental protection.

Vaden Original is committed to being at the forefront of innovations and developments in the sector and to always prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. As a brand that carries Turkey's name in the global market, the company will continue to add value to its customers and ensure safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly operation of commercial vehicles. Vaden Original's success is reinforced by its customer-oriented approach, innovative products, sustainable manufacturing practices and unwavering commitment to quality, which makes it a prominent leader in the commercial vehicle spare parts industry.

Manufacturing Automotive Parts of Superior Quality

Yıldız Pul Otomotiv Motor Parçaları Sanayi A.Ş.

Founded in 1968 in Konya by İsmail ACAR, this company initially entered the sector with the production of washers and gaskets, and over time it has become capable of producing many parts of commercial vehicles. The company has reached an important position in the sector with its ever-expanding product portfolio, technological developments and capacity increase.

In 2022, YILDIZ PUL increased its capacity by opening a new production facility and investing in R&D studies and attaching importance to innovation, increasing its capacity to respond quickly to customer needs. At the same time, it strengthened its customer relations with the warehouse and showroom opened in Istanbul and aimed to increase its competitiveness in the international market by participating in the Turquality Program.

With its modern facilities, extensive machinery and qualified employees, YILDIZ PUL manufactures products to meet the various needs of the automotive industry. Its quality management systems and the fact that it has important certificates in the sector show that the brand ensures consistency in quality and plays an important role in the sector.

In 2007, the company established the VADEN ORIGINAL brand and offered its products for sale in domestic and international markets and became one of the top 1000 manufacturers and exporters. The company's vision is to become a leading supplier in the automotive industry and to be recognized worldwide.

Values such as customer orientation, confidentiality and security, business ethics and corporate responsibility are at the center of the company's way of doing business, while dynamism, innovation and continuous development are among its basic principles. YILDIZ PUL aims to maintain its leadership in the sector and create value for all its stakeholders.