Now Vaden Time KONYA
Oct. 14, 2023

After the factory visits we conducted on Saturday, October 14th, in Konya, we were delighted to have the opportunity to introduce Vaden Original's work ethic, quality standards, and collaboration-focused corporate culture to you.

Sharing our production processes and our company's future goals with you was highly valuable to us.

This special visit further strengthened the possibilities for future cooperation and exchanging ideas with you has been a great source of motivation to further the success of our company.We sincerely thank all the visitors who shared this experience with us by visiting our factory.

Vaden Addressed the World at Automechanika Istanbul Fair

Vaden took its place at the International Automotive Industry Trade Fair Automechanika Istanbul, came together with all automotive production and repair professionals from three continents, and once again showed its power and made its voice heard with its innovations that direct production in the world and Turkish markets.

Vaden Original, Aile ve Çalışma Bakanı Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk’u Ağırladı.

Vaden Orijinal, Aile, Çalışma ve Sosyal Hizmetler Bakanı Sayın Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk’u ve beraberindeki heyeti ağıradı.

Türkiye İhracatçılar Listesi’nde 72 basamak birden yükselerek adımızı 624. sıraya taşıdık.

Otomotiv sektöründe imza attığı yenilikler ve gelişmelerle Türkiye ekonomisine yön veren Vaden, Dünya ekonomisinde de güçlü adımlarla ilerlemeye devam ediyor.

Türkiye'nin ikinci 500 büyük sanayi kuruluşu içinde 284. sıraya yükseldik.

Türkiye'nin ikinci 500 büyük sanayi kuruluşu içinde 284. sıraya yükseldik.

We Ascended To 696 Th Place In T.E.A.

We keep going without stopping with the contributions we make to Turkish production and the ambitious goals we set before us. We are in the 696th place in TEA with the successes we have achieved.