Metallography Laboratory

     In our Materials and Metallography Laboratory, product-based chemical analysis is performed and all metallographic processes applied on the component are determined. In our laboratory, the most suitable raw material is selected by making chemical analyzes of the materials, and the characterization of these structures is determined by examining their microstructures. The heat treatment applied on the component and the hardness depth are analyzed on a micro scale. The mechanical properties of the material are determined by applying the tension-compression test.

     Components are meticulously examined in the laboratory by engineers who are experts in their fields, with an understanding of high quality standards. In the interpretation of the analysis results, minimum error and reliable results are aimed.

Some of the studies we have done in our laboratory;

- Chemical analysis
- Examination of the grain size of the material
- Examination of microstructure
- Examination of residue (inclusion) type,dispersion, density
- Examination of the segregation status
- Crack control
- Hardness depth control
- Examination of heat treatment
- Coating thickness control
- Examination of graphite type and dispersion
- Material life test
- Tension-compression test