Machining Line

     Our company has become a respected brand with the production of the products it exports to all over the world, with its professional approach and corporate culture, and with its big investments in technology. It supports this development with our experienced staff in the machining department and high performance precision CNC machines.

     Our department; It has a young, dynamic staff with over 30 engineers/technicians/foremen and over 200 experienced operators. It has the largest and most modern machining park of the sector with its latest techology, high-performance CNC machining centers, and more than 100 other machines.

     Production is controlled step by step with skilled manpower, modern hydraulic fixtures, special tools for high cutting regimes and parts, and appropriate production is carried out with the understanding of minimum error and maximum quality. Thanks to the wide machinery and equipment we have, efficient production can be realized at any scale and flexibility.

     In order to minimize the unit cost per piece in the developing competition in the sector, we adopt the philosophy of continuous improvement as our principle and closely follow the technological developments.