Aluminium High Pressure Casting Line

     Our foundry, which started production in 2011; In order to meet the increasing product variety and demand, it continues its production in its new facility with a closed area of 10.000 m² by accelerating its investments in 2021.

     In our facility; There are 16 fully automated high pressure aluminum die casting machines, 5 fully automatic low pressure aluminum die casting machines, and 4 gravity casting machines between 220 tons and 2500 tons.

     To meet the raw material needs of these machines, there are 5 melting furnaces with a melting capacity of 1500/3000 kg and the melting capacity of the machines is approximately 3000 tons/year. Non-destructive examination of the parts we produce is carried out with the X-RAY scanning

     With the Industry 4.0-Real Time feature in our high-pressure aluminum die casting machines, parameters such as temperature, speed, pressure are continuously controlled during casting.